As the Leaves Fall

Well, this is delayed but I had an inspiring day and feel like it is time to blog about the L2 Creations fall photo shoot.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and I wanted to do something that would capture the beauty of the season and combine it with something mystical and elegant. I had a general theme in mind with a color scheme, but needed a little help honing my ideas and coming up with a clear concept. That's where the wonderful Leah Molinari came in, once again! We did some brainstorming over Irish coffees at the Red Stag Pub in Bethlehem, PA. and came up with this whimsical fairy tale like concept for the shoot. We decided to put all of the gorgeous models in hand made, black tulle skirts (did i mention Leah made these herself??)  and black tops to add a little uniformity to the shoot and really accentuate the pieces with little distraction. This look not only worked wonders with the jewelry, but with the models themselves. Each one of the women involved got to feel like these beautiful ethereal beings (not that they weren't already!!) and show their fiercest sides. I can say this with confidence, because I stepped out from behind the scenes and in front of the camera as one of my own models. It was nerve-wracking and definitely exciting, an ultimately incredibly empowering.

To have an image captured of yourself where you look like an edgy woodland witch (seriously, it was awesome) with the power to entrance you with a glance would make any woman feel incredible about herself. Not only did I feel empowered and appreciative of my curves and appearance after the shoot, I could see the rest of the models feeling the same. Being able to visibly see a boost of confidence of some of my closest friends was an awesome experience. In a world of self deprecation and a lot of pressure to look perfect, this was an amazing experience. I must, as always, take my proverbial hat off to the incredibly talented Leah Molinari. She has this natural ability to bring even the shyest, least confident person out of their shell and can get a stunner of an image with what seems like no effort. I will always cherish being able to work with such an amazing and beautiful human being,  inside and out.

As I reach the end of this entry, I realize I wrote almost nothing about my jewelry itself, but a lot about how gorgeous and awesome my fiends are and, you know what, I am just fine with that. I am incredibly blessed to be running a business where I can do something I love and express and share my creativity with others, while simultaneously giving some of the most wonderful people I know an opportunity to feel beautiful. I look forward to more!