Custom Wedding & Engagement Rings

Real Life Testimonials

Two of the most significant experiences of a relationship are that moment you're asked "Will you marry me?" and the moment you say "I do."  Make each moment extra special with a custom made engagement ring or wedding band. Whether you are looking for something traditional or something tailored to your unique pwesonality, each ring made by L2 Creations is crafted with love and passion. 

Dominick & Elizabeth M. 

"First of all, let me start by saying Lauren Stoy is the nicest, and most gentle soul I have ever met in my life. Two years ago I decided I wanted to propose to my then girlfriend, now wife. I searched far and wide, in stores, online, everywhere for a one of a kind engagement ring, but I had no luck. Knowing Lauren made jewelry, I asked if she thought she could make a ring for me. Lauren went above and beyond the call of duty so that she could create a one of a kind, truly beautiful, absolutely gorgeous engagement ring that has people stopping my wife nearly every day to compliment. Lauren made sure everything about the ring was how my wife would want, and if I ever need any piece of custom jewelry made, Lauren Stoy is the only person I would ever would with." - Dominick M

"Lauren made me the perfect engagement ring, which is why I turned to her for our wedding bands as well. She was able to make a wedding band that compliments my engagement ring so well; I still catch myself staring. Lauren Stoy is honestly the most genuinely kind person I have ever met and I am grateful for everything she has made for my husband and I." - Elizabeth M.



Leah M.

Leah’s husband was given a family ring with a diamond in it that was a little outside of Leah’s personal style, she wanted something made that felt more like her. Using the family diamond, I created a simple and delicate ring set that matched Leah’s minimal and elegant personal style.


Matt & Holly S. 

Matt and Holly came to me for both sets of wedding bands. Holly’s engagement ring was very unique - a diamond infinity symbol - and she wanted something special that would complement that. For her, I created. two simple peaked 14k gold bands to sit on either side of her engagement ring. These rings are great because they can be worn individually as well as with the engagement ring. Matt wanted something simple and organic that would match Holly’s gold rings, so for him, I made a thin and hammered 14k gold band.

Stephanie & Eric P.

"When I found out that I needed a custom band for my wedding ring, I immediately knew I had to go with L2 Creations. Lauren went above and beyond with my wedding band. The time and effort put into my band is so evident just by looking at it. I truly feel honored to be able to wear a piece of L2 Creations jewelry on my hand for the rest of my life." -Stephanie P.

For her husband, Eric, I made a rugged oxidized sterling silver wood inlay band.


Stephanie & Eric B.

"Lauren was so easy to work with. I told her what me and my then fiance were hoping for in our dream wedding bands. She went over and above! My husband even needed a size adjustment and she was quick to turn it around. We couldn't be happier with our rings and will cherish them forever." - Stephanie B.

These rings are both 14k rose gold.

Made to Order / Ready to Wear Wedding & Engagement Rings

L2 Creations has a number of Made to Order and stocked rings available for sale. Shop now or send an inquiry!

Handcrafted, re-purposed and one-of-a-kind jewelry designs inspired by all things antique and unique. 


Custom Order


A down payment will be required at the start of production, and the final payment must be made upon completion and prior to delivery.

A $50 custom order fee will be added to any bridal/wedding/engagement order and will be included in the final price. A $15 - $25 custom order fee will be added to any other custom project depending on the details of the project. Prices are subject to change on an individual project basis.